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A La Carte Services

Monthly “A La Carte” Services

Our “A La Carte Services” provide our customers with cost savings oppertunities that enable our subscribers to choose what additional services they would like to add-on to their plans on an as-needed basis. These services complement our “Monthly Equipment Fee Policy,” which allows our customers to add shoot days without the additional daily kit fees that are normally applied by traditional production companies.

Our monthly service plans qualify subscribers to take advantage of a 20% discount on equipment fee’s as part of our loyalty program.


Depending on the requirements of the production your project may require additional production department staff in order to produce your product. This could range from production managers to production assistants.


Some projects require niche expertise in order to portray your marketing efforts. This is why it may require additional support from consultants or story producers who can assist with drafting the creative for your particular marketing goals.


If a project requires that a specific location be used, than it will require the assistance of a professional location manager or scout to find and secure that ideal spot for the production. These experts can negotiate location contracts and secure permits needed in order to shoot a video.


Whenever an additional camera is used, especially in scenes with talent that moves, it is necessary to have another camera person on the crew who is skilled enough to support the camera team either as an operator or even someone who can assist with carrying the equipment.


Sound is 50% of what makes a good video. On camera microphones do not always cut it and in those more complex types of shoots it is necessary to have someone on the team who is an expert witht eh gear and posses the knowledge to produce high-quality audio recording.


A grip is needed on nearly every large project. Set operations do not function without the support of skilled labor who can ensure that lighting equipment, stands, camera rigs, and/or dollys are safetly set up to not only protect people but equipment used in the production.


In order to support the camera department the electric department is responsible for the design and execution of the lighting plan for a production. This is because while the camera department is responsible for the capture devices themselves they do not control the lighting equipment.


When the story calls for a unique scene to be created that art department is in charge of designing and building sets for the production. They are also in charge of the development and design of props used to convey the story more effectively to the viewers.


This department is in charge of making our actors and interviewees look their best. In addition, they are at times the main reason why Special Effects (SFX) scenes in certain types of projects succeed. Though not every project requires their expertise it truly makes a difference when in use.


Clothing can make or break a scene. From selecting store bought clothing to creating custom tailored appearal from scratch. The wardrobe department can provide the production value needed to convey an authentic story with accuracy and precision.


Some projects require visual effects (VFX), Sound Design, Music Design, and other techniques that can communicate a story in a way that would otherwise be impossible to tell. At times members are required to be on set. These steps are often times essential to the development of some videos.


In some situations, either because of the creative decisions or insurance regulations, a production may be required to have medical service providers available on-set. We have partnerships with these medical service providers who are experienced in production environments.


When working in certain environments or in the event of a production that involves high-profile talent, it is necessary to employ either police or private security for the production. We have developed relationships with companies who can assist throughout the production process.


In order to reach a target audience some projects require media support. In the circumstances of a coordinated release of a product or series we have connections to marketing avenues and experts that can provide a platform that can get the message out to more people at once.

A La Carte Services vs Day-Play Services

A La Carte Services function similarly to Day-Play Services in nearly every way. To learn more about each of our Day-Play Service options use the button below.