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“Our goal is to create standardized, cost-effective, and functional branded content for small to medium sized businesses and large corporations.”
– Aaron J Monson


When searching online for “Kansas City Video Production Companies” you will often encounter service providers with unpredictable prices. Many assume that to save money it is necessary to employ freelance videographers to create content for social media and advertisement campaigns. However, this approach often leads to limited production capabilities, a lack of creative control, and unpredictable quality assurance.

Here at Veer Visual we aim to standardize video production services in order to provide a cost-effective solution that generates consistent data-driven results. We understand the importance of organization and the value of effective marketing.

Our leadership has extensive experience in creating branded content. Aaron J Monson, the founder of the company, has worked on over 500+ regional and national advertisements, for many reputable brands, since 2012. In addition, his education in Business Administration and military background provides our clients with confidence as he oversees each project from start to finish.


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C – Communication

Our commitment to communication ensures that ideas flow freely, feedback is valued, and collaboration is seamless. Clear and open communication is at the heart of everything we do.

R – Reliability

You can rely on us to deliver. Our consistent and dependable approach ensures that you can trust us to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and handle every aspect of your project with care.

E – Efficiency

We understand the value of time and resources. Our efficient processes and streamlined workflows mean that we deliver exceptional results without unnecessary delays, ensuring your project moves forward smoothly.

A – Accountability

We take ownership of our work. Accountability is a cornerstone of our values, and we stand behind every project, taking responsibility to ensure it aligns with your vision and goals.

T – Teamwork

Together, we achieve greatness. Our emphasis on teamwork means that each member brings unique strengths to the table, working collaboratively to create impactful and comprehensive solutions.

E – Excellence

Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary. Our pursuit of excellence drives us to continuously elevate our standards, ensuring that the quality of our work always exceeds expectations.


Originally founded to service the film production industry with Virtual Location Scouting Services. Veer Visual evolved to support 3rd party production companies with industry specific services. This included production and camera department technical expertise that was intended to enhance the capabilities of our customers as a third-party provider.

Eventually customers began to take interest in our full-service capabilities, to which we expanded our services to cover client requests from creative services through to high-quality technical deliverables.

Currently we provide complete video production services at any stage of the production process. This allows customers to come to us with partial ideas in which we can refine in order to produce a product to the quality of each individual client’s desired outcome.

Below is a brief history of how we have evolved our company to service small to medium-sized businesses all the way up to large scale production companies and client brands.


Our founder, Aaron J Monson, begins recording videos with friends to create content for social media about his experiences and efforts of becoming a performing musician.


Aaron lands his first client, “Dads Workshop,” a toy store in Shawnee, Kansas who wishes to begin making videos for social media and for TV advertising, in order to market products for their online store.


Aaron understands he needs to learn more about marketing online and decides to return to school, to obtain an education which would help him to service customers better. Simultaneously, he gets a job with Red Bull North America’s Marketing Department in Kansas City, where he works as an Event Marketing Logistics Team Member.


While working for Red Bull North America and studying to complete his Associate’s Degree in Web Development and Digital Media he begins recording a Daily Vlog about his life at school, his musical passions, and his experiences working in Brand Marketing. He continues creating (1) one 5-minute video every day in which he learned to sharpen his skills in video production.


During an event Aaron is approached by a local Film Producer who recognized his work and talents and decides to employ his services. Aaron becomes a Production Assistant, then promoted to Production Coordinator, and eventually Production Manager within (1) one year’s time. Within 12 months he completed 58 television advertisements as a freelance service provider.


While continuing his employment at Red Bull North America and producing content for local production companies in Kansas City, he completed the first step of his education process by obtaining a degree in Web Development and Digital Media as an honor graduate. Simultaneously, he was able to service 60 brands with production services in which he completed over 100+ advertisements in a single year’s time.


While servicing production companies and agencies throughout the Midwest, national interest of his work began to take hold, he works as a production manager and producer directly for political clients, government agencies, and medium to large corporations. In a calendar year he completed production on over 200 advertisements and corporate videos.


Aaron moves his company forward as he services clients with project-based services, continuing to produce over 100+ videos within the year. However, he looks toward taking on a new challenge, in which he enlists with the United States Army to not only service his country, but to also obtain additional leadership skills in organizational management.


During the year of 2020, Aaron spent ten-months with the Army going through Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. He completed his education, achieving the status of Honor Graduate, and spent nearly 6 months in leadership overseeing the Health and Wellness of over 500 Soldiers as a “Student 1st Sergeant.” After returning he took the time to plan out the next year in order to strategize a new method of business that could utilize his new leadership abilities.


Aaron decides to restart his educational efforts and sets a path to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance. In addition, he decides to join the Reserve Officer Training Program (ARMY ROTC) at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, in order to Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2024. Meanwhile, he continues to market his services to companies again as the COVID-19 regulations are lifted. Throughout the year he steadily recovers market share, by servicing production companies with remote production services. He worked with larger production companies with camera department specific services, and began building direct to client relationships with small to medium sized businesses. During the year he completed 53 videos over the calendar year.


While attending college full-time and maintaining a 3.97 GPA he continues to service large production companies, advertising agencies, and provides small to medium sized businesses with video production services. During this time, he is also selected to help on the largest projects to come to the state including working as the Digital Imaging Technician on the national TV Show “Bargain Mansions,” working as the Locations Manager for the TV Show “The Last of Us” on HBO, and completing projects for local government agencies like the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department.


As he continues his educational and military goals, Veer Visual moves forward to service the NFL during the NFL Draft on 3 separate productions, along with numerous other productions over the first 6 months of the calendar year. After departing for a month-long leadership training with the Army for the ROTC program, he returns with a new objective to begin servicing clients with a standardized video production service; that would help to assist small to medium sized businesses with high-quality marketing resource development.

2024 – Upcoming

The goal for 2024 is to expand our infrastructure and to service more monthly clients. We aim to retain 20 new clients by the end of the year, while also continuing to provide Project-Based-Services to our past customers. In addition, we plan to expand our service offerings and internalize many operations by employing full time staff.