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KCKFD – “Be the Change” Recruiting Series

KCKFD – “Be the Change” Recruiting Series

The Purpose

The production of the “Be the Change” video series is complete. This unique series was designed as a bilingual (English & Spanish) multicultural six video series that will function as an online target marketing toolset for the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department, and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County.

The Story

“Be the Change” is about two fictional local Kansas City, Kansas children, who since childhood aspire to become leaders in the community as Kansas City, Kansas Firefighters.

The male protagonist Dante Freeman is the son of a Fire Chief (played by Earl McWilliams) who sees his father as the inspirational hero he hopes to become. Dante’s role was played by two amazingly talented local actors; the child role was played by Perzinski Chery and the adult role was played by Andre Cazenave. The female role of Eva Chavez was also played by two very talented local actresses; as her acting debut, the teen role was played by Diami Aurich and the adult role was played by experienced actress Dulcinea Herrera.

Viewers have the opportunity to follow the journeys of these brave children through to adulthood as they work toward the common goal of becoming Kansas City, Kansas Firefighters. The main plot points of the story highlight the educational requirements and the practical application of skills required to meet the needs of the job.

English Versions




Spanish Versions




English Script

Spanish Script

Written by Aaron J Monson & Charles Lutz

Edited by Charles Lutz

Written by Aaron J Monson, Bobby & Vivian Baya

Edited by Dulcinea Herrera, and Jose Gomez

Production Process




Director/Producer – Aaron J Monson
Post-Producer – Charles Lutz
AD – Christopher Hansen
DP – Wayne Gassmann
AC – Matt Garrett
2nd AC/BTS – Koty Potts
2nd AC – Naomi Chaffee
Jib Op – Scott Jolley
Gaffer – Vic Dominguez
Grip – Ellis Wallace –
Dolly Grip – Adam Monson
HMU – Staci Broski


Male Actor Adult – Andre Cazenave
Female Actress Adult – Dulcinea Herrera
Male Actor Child – Pierzyński Chery
Female Actress Teen- Diami Aurich
Male Actor Father – Earl McWilliams


Bishop Ward High School
Donnelly College
Brad Jarvis & Natalie Edmondson
Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department


Shaun Cloud
Tony Ontiveros


Poio Mexican BBQ


Reik Rees – FireFighter/Crash Victim 1
Megan Hitchcock – Business Woman
Mindy Michaels – Classroom Teacher
Timothy Bedwell – Army Soldier
Ronald Monson – Construction Worker
Joseph Multhauf – Donnelly College Professor
Ben Chaverin – Crash Victim 2
Kansas City, Kansas Police Department – 3 Officers
Kansas City, Kansas Police Department – 4 FireFighters
Bishop Ward High School – 35 Students
Unified Government of Wyandotte County