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Our Production Process


Our system is broken down into a few key steps that make it possible to streamline the planning, execution, and delivery of high-quality content for social media and marketing campaigns.


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.



Unveiling the client’s marketing terrain, we craft a strategic compass. Aligning brand, setting tone, and validating audience, we birth a resonant narrative blueprint.


Orchestrating the logistical symphony, we pave the creative path. Gear, permits, and roles align, laying the groundwork for an efficient, seamless production journey.


The creative canvas comes alive. With precision, cameras capture emotions and actions, actors bring life to scripts, and vision unfolds frame by frame.


The realm of refinement and transformation. Footage metamorphoses into cinematic art through editing, VFX, and soundscapes, enriching narratives with visual and auditory tapestries.


After the curtain falls, we gather to reflect. We celebrate victories, dissect challenges, and learn. Each project fuels growth, shaping our next artistic odyssey.


Since the founder of this company has been trained as a military officer, production functions similar to that of a military operation. However, due to his extensive experience working on a professional film set, these two work in tandum to maintain organization while enhancing creative capabilities for our teams.





The Reconnaissance Phase

This phase allows our team to understand the current situation of our clients marketing mission. It provides us with the required information about our customers objectives that our deliverables should help to achieve. During this stage of any production we intend to not only understand our clients assumed needs but it also gives us the an idea of how to research competitors in order to create a product that has the potential to supercede similar brand marketing efforts. It also helps to establishes the unique selling points (USP) of a product or service against competitors.

This brainstorming and research phase enforces brand alignment, identifies the key message, determines the voice and tone, conducts risk assessments, validates target audiences, and defines a call to action for the product(s).

Similar to how a military operation functions we aim to strategize our mission statement before we prepare for follow on operations. Therefore, once we have determined that we understand our distance and direction (how and what we are going to do creatively) than we move toward the planning and preparation phase during pre-production.


The Preperation Phase

The pre-production phase emerges as the comprehensive cornerstone, harmonizing creative ingenuity, technical prowess, and logical precision to orchestrate an impeccable foundation for the impending production. This stage stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting excellence, as it entails the intricate alignment of diverse components, each crucial in cultivating a product of unparalleled quality. The depth of this phase’s significance often stretches beyond that of both the production and post-production phases, underlining the painstaking dedication it commands.

Our overarching goal during pre-production is to architect a framework that not only optimizes resources but also significantly minimizes expenditures, particularly in the post-production phase. Our dedication to elevating the end product’s caliber often necessitates the incorporation of in-camera special effects (SFX), a strategic choice that circumvents the need for cost-intensive post-production visual effects (VFX). This astute strategy not only contributes to fiscal efficiency but also affords us superior creative control, ensuring that every frame resonates with authenticity and excellence.

Within this context, the “Production Department” emerges as the master conductor of this intricate symphony, crafting an environment of readiness and seamless transition. This dynamic department undertakes the multifaceted responsibility of assembling and orchestrating all the vital components essential for the forthcoming production phase. This readiness extends beyond mere logistics, encompassing the preparation of equipment, gear, locations, and the leadership that steers each department. Through this holistic approach, we forge a pathway that seamlessly interweaves the Development Stage’s strategic foresight with the meticulous execution required in the production phase.

Our dedicated Production Department embodies the ethos of meticulous preparation, recognizing that it is the bedrock upon which creative brilliance is built. With the expertise of a seasoned choreographer, we choreograph every detail in advance, from cameras poised to capture the essence of your vision, to securing locales that provide the perfect backdrop. Moreover, navigating the labyrinthine realm of permits and clearances is executed with the same precision that underscores our artistic endeavors.

The alignment of these efforts with the Development Stage’s careful deliberations generates a harmonious continuum, ensuring that your concept is not only preserved but elevated through each meticulously captured frame. Just as the pre-production phase melds various components into a cohesive whole, our Production Department operates as the maestro, orchestrating a seamless symphony where every note is attuned to perfection. By meticulously nurturing this convergence of creativity and precision, we kindle a production process that begets not only efficiency but also an authentic, masterful representation of your vision.


The Execution Phase

The shooting portion of a film production is the transformative culmination of meticulous planning and preparation, echoing the essence of the development phase’s strategic groundwork. This dynamic phase marries the conceptual blueprint with tangible reality, fusing the creative vision with technical precision to craft a captivating visual narrative.

Much like the development phase where we gain a profound understanding of our client’s marketing mission, the shooting phase transforms this comprehension into a tangible spectacle. Here, the camera becomes the storyteller, capturing the essence of the concept’s narrative arc and breathing life into the carefully sculpted characters, dialogues, and emotions.

Our approach to the shooting phase mirrors the strategy employed during pre-production, where every element is orchestrated with purpose. Camera angles, lighting arrangements, and sound settings are executed with meticulous detail, adhering to the vision outlined in the storyboarding process. Actors and crew members harmonize like a well-choreographed dance, bringing each scene to life through authentic performances and technical finesse.

Just as the pre-production phase is characterized by strategic alignment and preparation, the shooting phase embraces a synchronized rhythm of capturing moments that resonate. The call to action meticulously defined during concept development finds its embodiment as the camera lens captures the emotions, the drama, and the narrative’s core message in a visually compelling manner.

This phase doesn’t merely document scenes; it encapsulates the spirit of the concept and the essence of the brand. The energy and synergy on set translate into the frames captured, infusing them with an authenticity that resonates with viewers. The shooting phase is where creativity takes flight, where the script’s words and the storyboard’s sketches evolve into a living canvas of sights and sounds that engage, inspire, and captivate the audience.

Just as the Development Stage establishes the conceptual framework, the shooting phase transforms this framework into a vivid tapestry of cinematic artistry. Every shot, every expression, and every camera movement contributes to the storytelling symphony, propelling the narrative forward with a harmonious blend of creativity and precision. This phase is where imagination meets execution, and where the vision conceived in concept development flourishes into a cinematic masterpiece that leaves an indelible imprint on the audience.


The Refinement Phase

The Post-Production phase emerges as the grand culmination of our creative journey, a stage where the artistic tapestry woven through development and production is meticulously refined and transformed into a masterpiece that radiates with unparalleled allure. In essence, it’s the sanctum where raw footage metamorphoses into cinematic marvels, and where the harmonious symphony of visual and auditory elements reaches its crescendo.

Much akin to a skilled alchemist, the Post-Production phase employs its transformative prowess to enhance every pixel and sound wave. This is where the fragments of captured moments are carefully assembled, akin to a skilled painter layering brushstrokes to craft a vivid canvas. With a discerning eye and meticulous precision, our team weaves together shots, aligns narratives, and orchestrates transitions, breathing life into the concept’s storyline.

In this creative sanctum, visual effects (VFX) can soar to astounding heights. By seamlessly integrating these effects, we can transport the audience to realms unimagined. While production might provide the foundation, post-production elevates the concept to a realm of limitless possibilities, a domain where reality and imagination intertwine to create spellbinding visuals.

The Post-Production phase also entwines soundscapes that enhance the narrative’s emotional resonance. Just as a composer crafts music to accentuate a scene’s mood, our skilled sound engineers sculpt audio landscapes that enrich each frame. Whether it’s the subtle rustle of leaves or the thunderous roar of applause, the auditory tapestry amplifies the visual narrative’s impact.

Similar to a diamond cutter refining facets, this phase polishes and refines every element, ensuring coherence and seamless flow. It’s the meticulous attention to detail that transforms a collection of scenes into an immersive, engaging, and unforgettable cinematic experience.

As we traverse this phase, each edit, color correction, and sound enhancement is guided by the compass of our understanding, honed during the Development phase. Just as the compass steers a ship safely to shore, our comprehension guides us toward a final product that not only resonates with the intended audience but exceeds expectations.

With every frame polished to perfection, the Post-Production phase culminates in a product that stands as a testament to our creative prowess, precision, and dedication. It’s a celebration of the art of storytelling, where the vision conceived during development unfurls as a captivating, visually stunning, and emotionally resonant masterpiece.